Honey, I’m Home

Local musician finds sweet gig on the side


Helping Roatán's flora and fauna, one bee at a time

Brion James, usually seen with a Stratocaster slung on a strap around his neck, has a new outfit: a white bee-keeper’s suit. What’s up with that?

Minding their own beeswax: Nicole and Brion

“I love honey,” he says. “About two years ago I started YouTubing, learning everything I possibly could.”

He bought the equipment he needed – but his first attempt, an extraction-removal-relocation, went horribly awry.

“I didn’t get the bees,” he sighs. “And I got stung. And worse – no honey. A complete disaster.”

He persevered, and now Brion James is known as the man to call when you’ve got a bee problem. Call 3388-6021 if you’ve got bees in or around your house, making you uncomfortable. Bee stings are no fun. And if you’re allergic to bee stings, it’s worse than no fun.

In the meantime, Brion and his beloved, Nicole, have put together a sweet little operation called BeeLoved, which gives folks access to honey made by hard-working local bees. The pair are also selling lip balm and beeswax candles.

"It bees the best honey on the island!"

Although hummingbirds do help, Roatán’s flowers and fruits depend greatly upon honeybees to pollinate them. When mango flowers bloom, bees are instrumental — they pollinate when they visit them looking for nectar.

Try to imagine Roatán without hibiscus blossoms or fruit trees and you start to understand why stories about colonies collapsing and bees dying out worldwide aren’t just Chicken Little tales. Honeybee populations everywhere in the world are declining.

We depend on the insects more than we realize, and life with no mangos would barely be worth living, eh?

More about Roatán bees in the next post, but it’s safe to say that Brion’s doing as much as anyone trying to save the bees of Roatan.

“I’ll come and remove them and relocate them in a brand new bee condo,” Brion says in a recent internet pitch. “Please do not kill or spray them! Bees are one of the reasons that this island is so beautiful with flora! “


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