Jhaytea shoots new video — right here!

Roatán’s reggae sensation records slew of songs, films fish-frying video


Jhaytea and unidentified singer

On 16 February, Justin Brooks, the Flowers Bay rapper/singer with a fledgling career in the States, stopped by modest and quite un-legendary local recording studio The Four-Track Fortress to lay down some demos for some songs he’s been kicking around.

Jhaytea, wodka, and an orange slice.

The results, including an impromptu jam on “Go Tell it On the Mountain” and a half-dozen freestyle versions built upon old roots reggae and industrial/dance tracks, will eventually appear on this blog.

The very next morning Jhaytea and his videographer stopped by the nearby yet only marginally-famous UpTop Lounge, “to capture the light,” as he called it, and also to make breakfast, i.e., fried fish and plantains.

Fried fish an' plantain! Yes mon!

Throughout several days of trying to match Jhaytea’s pace, it’s evident he runs on the fumes of a couple necessities, but never fails to keeps himself well-fed. Good food, good music. Wherever he goes, he’s looking to fix something to eat.

“Our thing is reggae music and island cook-up food, Roatánean island culture food,” he says. “Bread and jonny cake — That we! You see, there’s Roatán, and then there’s Roatáneans — people that keep Roatán culture alive. And that we,” he continues. We live it, breathe it, eat it. Roatánean. I always keep that word in my music. Fried fish, coconut bread, fish tea! Steam crab! FRIED HOG!”

If you haven’t already seen the videos for other Jhaytea tunes, filmed right here on the island, they’re a lot of fun.

But this one, “Superwoman,” is the only one shot right where this blog is written. It’s available on his CD, Talk The Truth, which was recorded two years ago in Brooklyn.

Keep it locked (right here!) for a lot more exclusive Jhaytea songs, pictures, videos, and news.

Here’s the video:


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