Incorrect Info In Dangler Case File?

Dave Dangler finds at least one hole in government’s conspiracy case


“It is what it is,” said Dave Dangler on Monday afternoon at the Crooked Palms bar. He pulled a copy of the indictment from a drawer and went over it, point by point, with me.

But before we get into that, take a look at the ages of the defendants in the case. Dangler told me today he’s only 53 years old.

Before I go deeper into this, I need to come clean about that fact that I am friendly with the Dangler family and have known them for some time. This thing is clearly tormenting them, they’ve been dealing with it for five years now.

2 thoughts on “Incorrect Info In Dangler Case File?

  1. have they been dealin with it caus they caused it? It has been a rumor, as they most are and usually based on some facts, as long as he’s been around. The “it’s a sunny place for shady people” don’t work so well anymore. In the end…”it is what it is”. anybody that Lives here knows that… or should.

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