Road Construction in West End

Sewer project underway


The rumbling started last week. Heavy equipment started constructing a road that connects the main road (just across from Coffee Shop near Woody’s gas station) to the road in West End via the Barrinche.

This is the first phase of work leading up to a new sewer facility for West End.   The road, while not a public thoroughfare, has already changed changed the Barrinche big-time. And it’s quite possibly rendered obsolete the infamous Rickety Bridge at Mangrove Bight, which I use every day, but may avoid from now on. More on that in a later post. If you walk over the rickety bridge, then you’re aware of its structural-integrity deficits.

The Rickety Bridge at Mangrove Bight

A Google Earth shot of Mangrove Bight, the Barrinche, and the bridge before the roadwork began


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