5 Things To Do in a Hammock

5. Catch a breeze. Sometimes you can position a hammock in a spot just designed to catch and funnel a breeze. (Disclaimer: Works best in Flowers Bay)

4. Read. Reading a book or magazine in a hammock is a lot like a swimming with a floatie in a pool. You kind of rest upon them for a while until they deflate. Try to get through that Scientology article in The New Yorker and see if we’re wrong.

3. Swing. One nice thing about hammocks is they remind us of the comforts of infancy. You’re kinda tucked in there tight and papoose-y, rocking back and forth.

2.Sleep. Hammocks should be mandatory for those seeking a siesta, because it’s very hard to stay awake once you’re in one. And they say sleeping in a hammock is actually good for you.

1. Snuggle. Know anyone on the island you’d call cuddly? Well, grab them and (carefully) place yourselves in there, like avocado slices in a taco shell. Like twins in the womb.

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