UPDATE: New West End Road Closed, likely for the week

Traffic through the Barrinche increases


Taxi traveling from the road near Woodys gas station through the Barrinche, 12 April 2011

A week ago, a huge mound of dirt stopped vehicles from using the new West End road to connect the main drag to the Barrinche, which spills out over by the tourist police station and Woody’s Grocery. On Monday, only a telephone pole stood in the way. Yesterday it was gone and cars were freely exploring the new access road.

The rickety bridge isn’t the only shortcut anymore:

Mangrove Bight, 12 April 2011

Now, getting to the north end of West End is going to be quicker and easier.

And that means you have no excuse not to get down to Land’s End for Trivia Night next week!

Here are the deets, courtesy of SOL Foundation dude/former Oasis manager and all-around badass Mark Flanagan:

“Back by popular demand! Quiz Nite, brought to you by Oasis Entertainment, will be making a comeback starting next Tuesday, April 19th at Land’s End Green Flash Bar in West End at 7 pm.  The first Quiz Nite will be a SOL International fundraiser as part of the ongoing 5th Annual Golden Buoy Competition.  L50/person entry fee, maximum 4 people per team; all buy-in money goes to SOL International (first week only), special prize for winning team.  Geography, history, international sports, current events, pop culture.  Full bar and kitchen.  For more information, contact Mark Flanagan @ 9602-2400.”


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