Rally For Ed’s Laundry?

Long-time Sandy Bay Fixture Considers Closing His Doors


When I stopped in to speak with Mister Ed at his laundromat the other day, he was anything but happy. It was a gorgeous Roatan afternoon, the sky blazing and brilliant, and a set of yellow sheets flapped happily in the breeze.

“It’s nothing more than crookedness,” he said from the porch of his pink house, “nothin’ but crookedness.” According to Ed, no matter what he does to save energy, his RECO bill keeps rising. It’s to the point that he and his wife are seriously considering closing the business since it’s barely profitable.

“No matter what I do, it just keeps going up, going up,” he said.

It’s hard to picture Sandy Bay without Ed’s Laundry. As Ed says himself, it’s not as if he doesn’t have a bunch of customers. A lot of people would be disappointed, he concedes.

“Sure, we’re still busy all the time. I don’t want to close. But we are talking about it right now.”

Maybe we can get some musicians to band together and throw together a concert for Ed, and help him pay one month’s RECO bill (which Ed told me was over L6,000 last month).

On the Living-in-Roatan chat group, RECO’s own Richard Warren posted this on Monday:

“RECO bills are higher this month because energy consumption continues to rise with warmer weather and diesel prices are higher tracking world crude oil price increases. A comparison between February and March energy consumption and fuel prices are as follows:
February consumption (March bill) ……. 4,768,087 kwh
March consumption (April bill) ……….. 6,033,409 kwh
Consumption increase….. 26.5%
Average diesel price February ……….. 55.86 lps/gallon
Average diesel price March …………… 60.60 lps/gallon
Fuel price increase….. 8.5%
RECO “Rate” increase from February to March … 0.0 lps/kwh”


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