What a Great Time To Get Into The Newspaper Business On Roatan!

Journalists, teachers, gays greeted with compassion and understanding by Honduran police


A lethal combination of ignorance, greed and avarice is making life for many Hondurans miserable on the mainland. In Miami, it makes the news. And it’s not good news.

Here on Roatan, hardly anyone seems to care. However, on a strato-volcanic island off the country’s southern coast, the situation is decidedly different.

Zacate Grande in the Gulf of Fonseca

Zacata Grande, a small spit off the Pacific coast, started up its own radio station — which failed to endear the broadcasters to the wealthy landowners who control the island.

Prominent gay and transgendered leaders on the mainland have been slaughtered, mirroring similar violence in Uganda and Jamaica. Protesting teachers are beaten.

And the Garifuana communities of Roatan and the north coast have recently been hit hard by forced evictions. Yesterday was the anniversary of their arrival on the island in 1797. Covering these sort of stories comes with its own set of risks.

Seems like a good time to go back to soft stuff like “Guess Where I’m Eating?” Hard to get killed that way.


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