West End Robbery Suspect: Photo

As usual, it’s not easy to get many “facts” about these West End silver-pistol robberies. But a concerned citizen e-mailed me a shot taken of a suspect’s ID card which was held at the tourist police station in West End.

More from this anonymous citizen:

“Here’s the photo. I took this picture at the west end tourist police station. They had this guy’s picture ID and presented it to me asking if he was the robber. They probably still have it. I don’t know if they have followed up and tried to find or arrest him though, maybe you can find out. I spoke with Officer Perez at the station but most of the guys there heard from me about the robbery at the roatan bed and breakfast near brick oven pizza. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if they were always telling me the truth. I suspect not, because once they told me they had 3 suspects and treated them badly but they gave no information. Another officer said it was two suspects. I think they were just blowing smoke. Also, the owner of the B&B said about a week after we left, the police had two thieves in cuffs so I don’t know what that was all about.

Some of the items they stole besides US Dollars and Lempiras:

-Apple macbook pro 15″ silver, 2.4ghz dual core, 200gb hard drive, 7200 rpm

   Serial # W88132NMYJZ

-Apple iphone 3GS 32gb serial # 84945CT43NR  imei# 012026001106211

-Olymus Stylus 770SW 7.1 Megapixel waterproof camera silver w/ black gasket Serial #D06642415

-2 silver rings (one with skull & crossbones, one with rotating keltic band)

-Black O’Neil Psycho Surfer Backpack (recovered by local on side of road at west bay turnoff corner)

-U.S. Passport (recovered with backpack)

-Black Stingray skin wallet with white stripe (w/ various credit cards and IDs)

-USB Headset and various power cords and cables to hook up to computer, camera and iphone

-A 1st generation itouch 8gb

-Fossil Watch FS4613 Chronograph

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