Jack is Back! This Thursday Night at Lands End!

Jack Lewis Returns to Rock Roatan


Remember this dude? Jack, who apparently owned no shirts? The guy who played cover songs and entertained crowds all over West End about 3.5 years ago?

Sure you do. How could you forget?

Jack Lewis, the raconteur who recklessly rocked Roatan all those summers ago, is back on the rock. He’s performing at at open mic at Lands End, his old haunt, tomorrow night (Thursday, May 12) at sunset. He’s only here for a week, so don’t miss your chance. I’m heading down there with a melodica and a drum machine. Don’t miss it, kids.

Jack and Harmony at Lands End

I’d recommend that anyone and everyone with a sense of fun and humor attend. Lands End, a wonderful if under-utilized spot, is trailblazing a Roatan renaissance. The place is jamming again. Lionfish is on the menu, there’s a cool dive-master/ bartender (Joe) with great music and stories, a ring and a string and a hook, and a spectacular view at sunset.

SOL International Foundation held a big fundraiser there last Sunday, Mark Flanagan is starting up a Tuesday Quiz Night, and the place just generally contains a solidly fun and entertaining vibe that shouldn’t stay a secret.

Part of that essence is found in Lands End’s incredible staff, including the adorably silly Eva and her uncle, the immensely talented Adi. Adi plays bass for Brion James and at least one other project, and has single-handedly led the fledgling Roatan New Times to a level of visual professionalism and sophistication that was previously unimaginable.

Oh yeah. The first edition of our new Roatan magazine, The Best of Roatan 2011, hits the street in about 10 days. We’ll be folding up this little blog and tucking it inside our new project, Roatan New Times, and we’ll be unveiling our second issue sometime in June. That will contain a feature story you may have heard about before…I’m sure I’ll take some shit for it in West End, but oh well. It’ll also have a full-color restaurant section, a ton of satire, a profile of Brion James himself, and it won’t be just me writing for it.

We’ve sent the pages to San Pedro Sula, where La Prensa is printing our first edition this week. Very soon, the Bay Islands Voice will no longer be the only game in town. Excited? So are we. Stay tuned, folks. This is happening.


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