New Locations Where You Can Find Us!

As of yesterday, there are a few more places you can find THE BEST OF ROATAN 2011 –the first issue of the start-up mag Roatan New Times:


•The gift shop at Anthony’s Key Resort

Aboard the Galaxy Wave ferry

and if you’re a guest at these resorts, you’ll probably see a stack of them:

•Barefoot Cay

•Infinity Bay

•Parrot Tree Plantation


2 thoughts on “New Locations Where You Can Find Us!

  1. This Miss Peggy/Clinica Esoeranza is a crying shame……It’s Crazy…..Please keep me posted on any further developments and add me to your distribution website…..Thanks…..Dan Foley

  2. I was one of the first people to try to help Peggy with her clinic, I suggested she contact Ciciel Grant about the land and ask Julio for a donation to buy it. She worked very hard phyically and mentally to get the clinic up and going and it was wonderful. Since she is closing the clinic, the land reverts to Ciciel and Julio including the buildings on it. I was upset when I learned she had signed a contract with that clause in it. She will probably never realize any equipment either. Paul Adams once told me that there is no way you can get a fair shake from the Hondurans and he knew from first experience as he bought several peices of land many times over and finally had to put it in Julios name in order to keep it.
    It will be interesting to see what Ciciel and Julio do with this building and land as Peggy will be left out in the cold. Hopefully someone in the government will help. Too bad that people put such trust in our new president and mayor.

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