Due to misunderstandings, misinformation, and mistakes in translation, I published information that is not entirely correct, HOWEVER, I am in touch with Nurse Peggy and Clinica personnel to try to bring you the most recent info.

Here is what I have:

•The clinic is open tomorrow.

•HOWEVER No promises or timetable has been agreed to by the powers that be. Despite “assurances” (that is the word used) there is NO guarantee that the container will be opened nor a license granted (for the entire clinic, not just upstairs) this week.

In other words, Nurse Peggy has agreed to re-open Clinica Esperanza on Wednesday morning, despite the lack of the two documents she asked for last week.

I could go on, and there is a lot more on the record I cannot/will not publish at this time, but without sources knowing they’re officially on the record, etc, let’s just go with this:

Nothing has changed. The clinic will see patients tomorrow, with no official timetable in place for a license or dispensa for the container. Every attempt has been made on my part to obtain correct information. When information is being fed second or third-hand, mistakes are made. However, NOTHING reported in the previous posts contained anything “untrue.”  Bottom line, Peggy is open, without the the paperwork she needs.

The erroneous info told to me was this:

“•The container will be opened/unloaded tomorrow.

•The license for the upstairs portion of the clinic will come by the week’s end.”

From now on, I will report from strictly from the horse’s mouth, on tape, to obviate this issue. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for supporting Nurse Peggy.

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