New Eldon’s: One Less Reason to Drive to French Harbour?

Ooh, the new Eldon’s. Laid out just like the old Eldon’s. No bakery, though (yet). What I did notice on opening day were all the gringos I usually see in French Harbour. Most of them live in West Bay, West End or Sandy Bay, making me wonder if the old Eldon’s will take a hit.

And what of Plaza Mar up on the hill? Will Pachecho’s place suffer? Will competition actually help the consumer?

Weird, though: when I went back on Saturday, they were out of long-lasting boxed milk (Entera), Sula cheese (their Gouda and Edam are my favorites) and frozen pie crusts (just to name a few). And what happened to those Natura’s refried red beans with chorizo?

I guess if you’ve lived here long enough, you realize that when you see stuff you like at the store, buy as much as you can.


Beer Lovers: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Spotted at Plaza Mar

Get yours today at Plaza Mar!

California Microbrew on Roatan!


Nestled up against Presidente (Dominican Republic) and Guinness Foreign Export Stout (7.5% alcohol!) I saw a couple cases worth of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale— a really wonderful beer I think Oasis used to carry. Butch and Sherry at the Bulk Gourmet also stock it every once in a while.

I didn’t buy any and the price wasn’t marked, but if you’re tired of beers that are bottled with preservatives so they can sit on docks and in hot shipping containers for weeks (I’m looking at you, Cerveceria Hondurena), try a couple of these. It’s a delicious and hoppy brew, naturally fermented in the bottle (that’s a little layer of yeast down at the bottom), and it’s certainly not spotted often around these parts.

Sierra Nevada, based in Chico, California, makes a bunch of tasty ales but the Pale is the oldest and most popular.

Again, thanks to Sully and Katherine at Plaza Mar for helping us sell so many copies of the magazine!


Container Opened — Hospital and Clinic Getting What They Need

Next Step: The License for the Pediatric In-Patient Center


On Tuesday morning, around 10:30 a.m., we spotted Nurse Peggy and mayor Julio Galindo outside the shipping container full of equipment and supplies donated by the Medical Mission of New Orleans for Roatan’s┬ápublic hospital in Coxen Hole and Clinica Esperanza in Sandy Bay.

An hour or so later we were told the container had been opened and everything inside was being distributed to its intended recipients.

This is fantastic news, makes life easier for anyone on the island who needs medical services, and proves that our local officials are capable of stepping up and solving a crisis.