New Eldon’s: One Less Reason to Drive to French Harbour?

Ooh, the new Eldon’s. Laid out just like the old Eldon’s. No bakery, though (yet). What I did notice on opening day were all the gringos I usually see in French Harbour. Most of them live in West Bay, West End or Sandy Bay, making me wonder if the old Eldon’s will take a hit.

And what of Plaza Mar up on the hill? Will Pachecho’s place suffer? Will competition actually help the consumer?

Weird, though: when I went back on Saturday, they were out of long-lasting boxed milk (Entera), Sula cheese (their Gouda and Edam are my favorites) and frozen pie crusts (just to name a few). And what happened to those Natura’s refried red beans with chorizo?

I guess if you’ve lived here long enough, you realize that when you see stuff you like at the store, buy as much as you can.