Jam Cruise Abandons Roatan, Local Patchouli Sale Plummet


See this? Looks like fun? Well, it is. Or was.  Whatever, it ain’t happening for us next year, as Celebrity’s re-routing means the Jam Cruise won’t be coming to Roatan, as it has a couple years in the past.

Nope, that jam band-scented voyage (what do you think it smells like on there? Nugs, tie-dies, puppies and patchouli?) is done with our sunny isle.

See here? They’re going to bogus/fake/corporate BS playgrounds in Jamaica and Haiti instead of here. Whoops — did I think that or actually say it?

Anthony’s Key Resort Article from 1971

AKR Story from Iowa Newspaper


Thanks to the readers interested in Roatan history. I’m not sure how to get this stuff on the Roatan History forum — please feel free to share this freely. 

I was told AKR has been open since 1969. This report jibes with that estimate.

Check out the misspelling on the inset map.

Cool article, if a tad bittersweet. Here’s a guy who wants to keep the island “as untrodden as possible” and doesn’t want Roatan to become a “booming center of tourism.” So he opens a resort…

Undersea Roatan Featured in Time, National Geographic This Month

Lionfish, sharks, Marine Park, local sub captain showcased


Antonio Busiello

On April 4, National Geographic published a photo essay featuring incredible pictures shot in the waters of the Roatan Marine Park. Though the magazine doesn’t make much  distinction between Honduras and Roatan, it’s got some pretty awesome shots of sharks making meals out of lionfish. Quoted in the article is West End resident Ian Drysdale.

Ten days later, Time ran a short piece about Karl Stanley’s sub.

Kelly Tyler

Time only used one quote from Karl, but it’s a beauty: “Any time I can get my hands on a large dead animal, I take it.”