Today in Roatan History

Stories describe frustration with Honduran rule, finding buried treasure


Not a member of the Roatan history chat group (is it still active?)  but I recently unearthed a few articles about Roatan I hadn’t seen before.

By the way, today is the 152nd anniversary of the end of British rule over the Bay Islands.

Here is a New York Times piece from 1988 featuring an interview with Julio Galindo. The article focuses on the islander’s trepidation about the onslaught of “Spaniards” from the mainland, and bashes Britain for abandoning them all those years ago. Pretty interesting stuff. Great quote from Galindo, talking about the anniversary of April 22, 1859 (that’s when the islands went back to the Spanish): ”We think it’s a day we should all mourn.”

And as a special bonus, here’s a September 1969 story from a Eugene, Oregon newspaper about an unlucky duo who came to Roatan hoping to get their hands on some pirate booty: