Clinica Esperanza News, Sundae By the Sea Auction

On Sunday, August 21, Peggy’s Clinic holds its Fifth Annual Sundae By The Sea , with auction items available to check out here.

Don’t miss it!!

Event Details:
August 21st 2011, 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Gumbalimba Park

Live Entertainment
$30 advance purchase, $35 at the door
Tickets sold at: Cool Beans Coffee Shop (West Bay), Waves of Art (West End), Clinica Esperanza (Sandy Bay), Genesis Pharmacy (Coxen Hole) and Ace Hardware (French Harbour).
Includes food, drink and entertainment.

From the Clinic itself: “Esperanza’s one-and-only annual fundraiser is here! With your help, this will be another successful event for the clinic.

The need is clear: We operate Clinica Esperanza at a cost of just $10 per patient, but we only charge patients about $4. No one is ever turned away for lack of money. With the opening of the new pediatric inpatient and birthing center, our future costs will be greater.

This year, an online auction will make it possible for friends off-Island who are not able to attend to show their support by bidding. Wherever you are, go to: to bid on many wonderful items donated by many of our supporters both on and off Roatan.

Here’s your chance to go down deep in the Idabel Submarine; stay for a week at several of Roatan’s best accommodations, including Infinity Bay and the Mayan Princess; and enjoy dinners at some of the best eateries on Roatan like Bite on the Beach, Beso’s, and Tong’s. There are a host of many, many other fantastic items, so go check them out and bid as generously as you can.”

UPDATE: Nurse Peggy Rebuffed After Requesting 5-Minute Meeting With First Lady


According to those working with a very frustrated Peggy Stranges, a contingent of staff paid a visit this morning to the West Bay hotel room of Honduran First Lady Rosa Elena de Lobo, requesting her assistance in obtaining the two documents the clinic needs to keep operating.

After asking her security guards for a short meeting to see if any help could be provided, the First Lady left without speaking to Peggy.

Here’s a great post from Living_In_Honduras by the ever-erudite and intrepid blogger, La Gringa:

“That is incredible. I hope that this gets a lot of coverage. I can’t believe that the gov’t couldn’t even be shamed into doing the right thing. This needs some publicity in the newspapers. Have you all from Roatan thought of taking out a full page ad in some of the newspapers denouncing this?

a few minutes later she posted:

“You need to get it in the national news. None of the NGOs EVER want to expose the corruption and incompetence that goes on because they are afraid of the gov’t — in effect, enabling the corruption. It seems that there is nothing to lose in this case.”

Who knows if there’s a coincidence yet, or if there is any effective way to shame the government into fixing the problem. While this situation does have parallels with RAS Express/Gil Garcia and the gasket he blew over customs delays and red tape, it’s crucial to note that these are perishable, sterile pieces of medical equipment that are needed desperately on Roatan — and have been sitting in a shipping container for more than three months now.

La Migra, La Migra

The crackdown cometh?

Not long before Semana Santa starts up, a few things start happening.

For starters, look for cops clearing West End of parked cars.

Next, watch immigration officials crack down on gringo-run businesses. Owners and employees working without residencies should expect hassles.