Serious Taxi Accident in Sandy Bay

Not sure of the circumstances. On the New Times site (which will be live soon, I swear!) I promised a blog with a photo called “Taxi of the Week” — in fun. This didn’t look like fun at all. In fact, the ambulance with sirens on racing to the scene and the injured people (at least one of whom was treated at Clinica Esperanza) makes this decidedly not a taxi driver doing something nutty worth poking fun at — this was serious.

The accident was across the road from Melvin’s house in Sandy Bay, just after the turn-off to the beach. The taxi was apparently heading east when it left the road and landed against the base of the wooden house near the old Sandy Bay sign.

Here is a better pic, courtesy of Ashley Harrell, a friend and colleague who is on Roatan taking Spanish lessons so she can go work for the Tico Times in Costa Rica. How cool is that?


New Sandy Bay Restaurant: TAKO Bistro Lounge and Sushi Bar

Hey, there’s a new Japanese place in the Coral Stone Center. Second floor. Sandy Bay now has sushi!

This Friday, TAKO throws a grand opening celebration with a big cocktail party at 7 p.m. The place soft-launched about a week ago. Owner Josue Bueso describes his fusion menu as “French/Japanese with an island twist.”

Bueso studied at the international French school le Institut Paul Bocuse. He’s open for lunch and dinner and his menu’s got sashimi (salmon, tuna, octopus, shrimp, tilapia, etc); a big selection of rolls including the isleño which includes shrimp and fried plantain and a kokonatsu roll with crab, cream cheese, plantain, and roasted coconut.

Urumaki (inside-out) rolls include a California roll, salmon skin, and spicy tuna.

For more information, contact TAKO at or 3382-2282.

Anthony’s Key Resort Article from 1971

AKR Story from Iowa Newspaper


Thanks to the readers interested in Roatan history. I’m not sure how to get this stuff on the Roatan History forum — please feel free to share this freely. 

I was told AKR has been open since 1969. This report jibes with that estimate.

Check out the misspelling on the inset map.

Cool article, if a tad bittersweet. Here’s a guy who wants to keep the island “as untrodden as possible” and doesn’t want Roatan to become a “booming center of tourism.” So he opens a resort…

Rally For Ed’s Laundry?

Long-time Sandy Bay Fixture Considers Closing His Doors


When I stopped in to speak with Mister Ed at his laundromat the other day, he was anything but happy. It was a gorgeous Roatan afternoon, the sky blazing and brilliant, and a set of yellow sheets flapped happily in the breeze.

“It’s nothing more than crookedness,” he said from the porch of his pink house, “nothin’ but crookedness.” According to Ed, no matter what he does to save energy, his RECO bill keeps rising. It’s to the point that he and his wife are seriously considering closing the business since it’s barely profitable.

“No matter what I do, it just keeps going up, going up,” he said.

It’s hard to picture Sandy Bay without Ed’s Laundry. As Ed says himself, it’s not as if he doesn’t have a bunch of customers. A lot of people would be disappointed, he concedes.

“Sure, we’re still busy all the time. I don’t want to close. But we are talking about it right now.”

Maybe we can get some musicians to band together and throw together a concert for Ed, and help him pay one month’s RECO bill (which Ed told me was over L6,000 last month).

On the Living-in-Roatan chat group, RECO’s own Richard Warren posted this on Monday:

“RECO bills are higher this month because energy consumption continues to rise with warmer weather and diesel prices are higher tracking world crude oil price increases. A comparison between February and March energy consumption and fuel prices are as follows:
February consumption (March bill) ……. 4,768,087 kwh
March consumption (April bill) ……….. 6,033,409 kwh
Consumption increase….. 26.5%
Average diesel price February ……….. 55.86 lps/gallon
Average diesel price March …………… 60.60 lps/gallon
Fuel price increase….. 8.5%
RECO “Rate” increase from February to March … 0.0 lps/kwh”

Hospital Nurse Peggy Opens in Style

Birthing center/maternity wing ready to go in Sandy Bay


Peggy Stranges, probably as close to a saint as our island can claim, looked like she was walking on air yesterday.

Understandable, if you check out the new upstairs at Clinica Esperanza, which betters any health care facility on Roatán.

Thursday afternoon’s dedication brought more than 100 supporters,  volunteers, and health care professionals to the ceremony, and when chairs from the clinic’s waiting room weren’t enough, churches donated the rest.

“I’m the pass-through person,” Peggy told the crowd, refusing to take any credit for completing the project. “This is a gift, and I’m passing it along to you.”

Smoke from grilled chicken and pork filled the air as Connie from Island Saloon slaved over hot coals.

Since it’s Roatán and microphones were in place, we sat through speeches. But they were self-effacing and funny, until Peggy told a story about a young mother who’d recently given birth.

At first things seemed fine, said Peggy. Then complications set in and the baby died Wednesday night, she told the crowd.

“I want to dedicate at least part of this new birthing center to Emily,” she said.

Peggy looked nervous all afternoon. She kept a smile on lock-down, probably because she knew if she let it loose she’d have a perma-grin. Five years she’s been working on this thing, but, in true Peggy fashion, she gave all the credit to everyone else.

“It’s not me,” she told the Reporter. “It’s all the people who believed in it. They’re doing it.”

And she stressed educating the community as the key to enhancing health care on Roatán.

“The clinic is a band-aid on an amputation,” she said, “without education.”

As Dr. Patrick Connell told the crowd, the standard of care on an island like Roatán may not match that in the U.S. “But the standard of caring is greater.”